About APSC

Who are we?

The Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (APSC) represents 22 cardiology societies in the Asia-Pacific region.
The APSC hosts its main Congress every year. APSC 2023, the next main Congress of APSC, will be held in Singapore on 13-15 July, 2023 hosted by Singapore Cardiac Society at Raffles City Convention Centre. The Organizing Committee is chaired by Dr Tee Joo Yeo and the APSC Central Congress Management Committee is chaired by Dr Jack Tan.


APSC 2024 will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 1-4 May followed by the APSC2025 in Busan Korea from April 18-19.
Scientific and Education Activities include APSC Scholarship, Emerging Leadership Course Programs, Pilot Exit Exam and Joint Symposia and webinars held with other major international societies and with APSC Member Societies at their annual meetings.
The official journal of APSC, JAPSC led by Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Khung Keong Yeo.


APSC 2021-2023 Executive Council Members

  • Dr. Issei Komuro
  • President

  • Dr. Hyo-Soo Kim
  • President-Elect

  • Dr. Jack Tan
  • Immediate Past President

  • Dr. Koji Maemura
  • Vice President Zone 1

  • Dr. Jiunn-Lee Lin
  • Vice President Zone 1

  • Dr. David Quek
  • Vice President Zone 2

  • Dr. Nannette R Rey
  • Vice President Zone 2

  • Dr. Syed Ishtiaq Rasool
  • Vice President Zone 3

  • Dr. Anidu Keerthi Pathirana
  • Vice President Zone 3

  • Dr. Takashi Akasaka
  • Secretary General

  • Dr. Toshihisa Anzai
  • Treasurer

  • Dr. Junya Ako
  • Councilor

  • Dr. Dafsah Arifa Juzar
  • Councilor

  • Dr. Yen-Wen Wu
  • Councilor

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