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Who are we?

The Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (APSC) represents 22 cardiology societies in the Asia-Pacific region.
The APSC hosts its main Congress every year. APSC 2020, the next main Congress of APSC, will be held in Kyoto, Japan from March 12-14, 2020 hosted by the Japanese Circulation Society. The Organizing Committee is chaired by Dr. Takashi Akasaka.
APSC 2021 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from March 5-7, 2021 hosted by the Heart Association of Thailand. APSC2022 and APSC2023 will be held in Singapore and Dubai, United Arab Emirates hosted by Singapore Cardiac Society and Emirates Cardiac Society respectively.
Scientific and Education Activities include APSC Scholarship, Emerging Leadership Course Programs and Joint Symposia held with other major international societies and with APSC Member Societies at their annual meetings.


APSC 2019-2021 Executive Council Members

  • Dr. Jack Tan Wei ChiehDr. Jack Tan Wei ChiehPresident
  • Dr. Issei KomuroDr. Issei KomuroPresident-Elect
  • Dr. Wael Al MahmeedDr. Wael Al MahmeedImmediate Past President
  • Dr. Derek ChewDr. Derek ChewVice President Zone 1
  • Dr. Mungunchimeg DagvaDr. Mungunchimeg DagvaVice President Zone 1
  • Dr. Azhari RosmanDr. Azhari RosmanVice President Zone 2
  • Dr. Joshua LohDr. Joshua LohVice President Zone 2
  • Dr. Abdullah M. ShehabDr. Abdullah M. ShehabVice President Zone 3
  • Dr. AKM MohibullahDr. AKM MohibullahVice President Zone 3
  • Dr. Rosli Mohd AliDr. David QuekSecretary General
  • Dr. Kui Hian SimDr. Kui Hian SimTreasurer
  • Dr. Takashi AkasakaDr. Takashi AkasakaCouncilor
  • Dr. Juey-Jen HwangDr. Juey-Jen HwangCouncilor
  • Dr. Kenny Sin Yoong KongDr. Ario Soeryo KuncoroCouncilor
  • Dr. Kenny Sin Yoong KongDr. Kenny Sin Yoong KongCouncilor
  • Dr. Alan FongDr. Alan FongCouncilor